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Our clients look to our firm to make significant lifetime and business decisions. We believe that informed clients make better decisions and therefore we provide the following articles to help you understand your cases. Please be aware that law changes regularly occur through case law decisions and statutory change. Therefore the only way for you to assure that you receive accurate advice is to speak directly with an attorney.

Family Law Information

Attorneys Fees
Case Handling Methods For Clients
Child Support and Time Sharing
Child Support Modification
Client's Rights
Collaborative Family Law
Equitable Distribution of Property
Equitable Distribution - Getting More Than 50%
Relocation of Child's Residence?

Commercial Litigation Information

Currently Under Construction

Appeal Decisions

Zold v. Zold (Fla. 9/15/05)
Zold Supreme Court Oral Argument
Bracero v. Bracero (5th DCA 6/13/03)
Niemann v. Anderson (5th DCA 1/3/03)
Layeni v. Layeni (5th DCA 2/28/03) (Trial Counsel for Wife)

General Litigation Information

What Makes a Good Witness?